Hottie Workout Gear by Titika Active Couture.


You guys all know how much I loooooovee my heels and super chic outfits…
But who says workout gear can’t also be chic?? I’m dying over all these adorable fitness outfits from Titika Active Couture!! I mean, there are days we all just want to be in sweats and not leave the house, because…well, we’re in sweats. But seriously, these frekin adorable get-ups are so cute that you can wear them to the gym, and not have to rush home because you look like shit. You can actually be seen in public and run your errands, or do whatever you need to, because they are THAT cute. 
I’m totally obsessed with look 2 btw! That jacket is the best thing of life, and the sports bra is SUPER comfy!! So. much. yesss. 


I can’t tell you guys how much I’m in love with this overall look. The sports bra is so sexy and comfy, and the jacket is one of my faves. It’s perfect when it’s a little chilly out and you need that extra something. 
Also check out the detailing on these tights! Ugh…love.


In love with this little printed set. They have SO many variations of them btw! Styles for EVERYONE. Check them out!


You guys are also aware of my balanced lifestyle. I’m not so much of a gym goer, but more of an active lifestyle believer. I love, love, love my food. And indulging in EVERYTHING. I pretty much never say no to a delicious plate of pasta. Haha, but I like to keep it balanced. Everything in moderation.

I love a good hot yoga sweat sesh, walking, and being active whenever I can. Eating healthy is SO key in my life. As much as I love food, I find that eating healthy keeps me fit, and in turn I feel amazing. When you eat crap, you feel like crap. Again, I’m not saying having a burger once in a while is going to kill you and make you feel like crap. But just remember, everything in moderation. I’m a HUGE believer in that.

If you guys want more tips on how I live a balanced lifestyle, shoot me an email. I know a few of you have already, so I hope I’ve been helpful! 
Shop the looks here:

Look 1: Sports bra  |  Joggers 
Look 2: Sports bra  |  Tights  |  Jacket
Look 3: Sports bra  |  Shorts
BTW, all their workout gear is breathable, quick drying, moisture-wicking, durable, and have a 4 way stretch, which basically means you can move/bend in anyway, shape, or form without being uncomfortable. Again, SO MUCH YESS!
Okay, your turn! What are your healthy tips?? Leave them in the comments below for everyone. Also, link us some cute workout gear as well!
Chat soon.
Xx, kim
Photography: Victoria Jmourko

This post was in collaboration with Titika Active Couture. As always, opinions are my own.



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    Wow! Girl looking so fine and gym style informative with us.Thanks for sharing valuable tips gym wear.

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