My Week In Sydney, Australia.

Okay, here it is guysss!! The recap of my week in beautiful Sydney! And right now, I’m kinda wishing I was still there, because the weather here is seriously dreadful! My cousins in Aussie can’t seem to fathom WHY we would live in such a cold place! Lol…I really didn’t have an answer for them…
Anyway, I’m going to tell you guys quickly about the sights you MUST see, the beaches you MUST lay on, and the shopping you MUST do! If you have any additional questions, please feel free to email me, snap me (kim-marquis), tweet me, comment below, etc. You get it. Ok let’s go!

Let me start off by saying how beautiful Sydney as a whole is. Everything is so blue and green. Lol, yes, I said blue and green. Meaning the skies are hardly ever grey. They are bright and beautiful, blue as ever, and the surroundings are a lush green. The city is so clean and always fresh. Everyone there is absolutely stunning. Men with sexy bods, women with even sexier bods. I was staring. I mean, naturally. These gorgeous people hit the gym twice a day! I’m over there, like “which Thai restaurant we going to now?” 😛 Mmm, such a foodie. 
But seriously you guys, if you ever get a chance to go to that part of the world, do it! It’s breath-takingly beautiful!
Ok moving on to the important stuff!

Bronte Beach

Bronte Beach:

Obviously a must-see beach. Not as famous as Bondi Beach, but along the same coast line, and definitely stunning. Bronte has one of Sydney’s best natural rock pools, and a picturesque view. Many great cafes, so grab yourself a cold coffee for the walk along the beach. 
Bronte also connects to two other beaches, Tamarama Beach and then finally Bondi Beach. This is a great walk from one beach to another and the views are absolutely breathtaking. I suggest you start your walk at Bronte, and then follow the path to Tamarama (my favourtie beach) and then the famous Bondi, because you can’t be in Sydney, and not visit the famous Bondi. 

Tamarama Beach:

When you walk along the pathway from Bronte beach, you will come across a gorgeous, more secluded beach, called Tamarama Beach. I loved this one, because there is nothing more annoying to me than over a thousand people on the same beach as you. I like quiet. I want to just lay on a beach and be able to hear the waves. But that’s just me. Many people love the loud and craziness, and that’s why there is Bondi Beach!! Maybe I’m just old, but I accept that 🙂
Bondi Beach:

Yeaaa, I wasn’t kidding when I said this beach was PACKED. Obviously an amazing beach, with so, SO many beautiful people just showing off their bodies to anyone who will look. Guilty! Bondi also has some amazing restaurants and cafes just walking distance away. Be sure to check them out! 
Coogee Beach:

There really isn’t anything I could possibly love more than sitting on a beach, watching the sunset. Sunsets are something I sort of live for. I know it happens everyday, but I can’t get over the beauty that it is. Every time I see it, I fall more and more in love with it. That’s what I did on Coogee beach in Sydney one evening. And it was perfect. Took a walk with the family, sat and chatted about anything and everything, and then slowly watched as the sun descended. Guys, it was beyond beautiful!
Coogee Beach: no filter needed!


Ohhh so expensive, but ohhh so worth it! I love shopping in a new place. The styles are always slightly different, and there is nothing more amazing than when someone asks me “where did you get that from?” and I say, “AUSSIE!!” The shopping is great here in Sydney! There were some rainy days that I encountered here, and the perfect way to spend those rainy days is to spend your money…at the cute shops and markets. Duh.
**Oxford Street: A beautiful, long street full of boutiques and cute stores. Also an expensive street, so take your credit cards and charge it to those! Haha. This isn’t the street you want to spend ALL your money. Pick up a few classic pieces here, and move on. There are tons of great places with sales. 
Bondi Junction: Love this area as a whole! So many great restaurants, cafes, juice places, and shops that won’t eat your wallet! Find the sales!! They are out there. And if you do make it here, look for this amazing Thai restaurant called ‘Thai Studio Kitchen.’ It’s out-of-this-world ahh-mazing! 
Paddington Market: This is a weekend market full of amazing stuff. Lots of handmade crafts, leathers, organic soaps, etc. I loved just spending the day around here, grabbing a coffee and some eats and browsing the local market. 
Bondi Junction Mall: This mall is serious business! It’s 6 stories high and just huge! You can find everything you possibly need in this mall. Lots of cute shops and lots of high end stuff as well. I went perusing through Louis Vuitton….left with nothing. 
**Town Hall Station: If you take the train to Town Hall station you will automatically be led into this great mall surrounded by awesome shoe stores, and more. You literally have to close your eyes while you exit the station because this stuff just hits you like daggers! Everything was on sale, and I just couldn’t help myself!! Ahhh. 
**Double Bay: You can spend an afternoon just browsing the beautiful boutiques in this area. They also have a ton of lovely restaurants you can have lunch at and then continue shopping afterwards. This was such a peaceful, outdoor mall. It wasn’t crowded, which is what I love. Also very expensive shopping. 
**My favourties have been starred. 

Take a Ferry! 
Seriously, you guys need to get on a ferry and go to the Sydney Harbour. There is SO much to see and do right in this area! Walk, climb, or ride over the Harbour Bridge! The views are stunning. Have a drink by the Opera Bar and obviously go see the Opera House. Do that BEFORE you have a drink. 😉
And if you enjoy the Opera, buy tickets and actually see one!
Sydney Harbour Bridge

Opera House

Bike Tour:
The best way to see Sydney in my opinion is on a bike. Which is exactly what we did. We booked a full-day bike tour around Sydney, and rode for about 6 hours (stopping along the way of course). This way you can see Sydney at its fullest. You get to see all the major spots, have lunch at some great restaurants, and alsoooo, get a great, freakin work-out in! What’s not to love right? 
There are so many bike tours. Pick one that suits you. We did a full day tour because we didn’t have much time to come back to see these spots. The bike tour usually takes you to: The Observatory, Sydney Harbour Bridge, Luna Park, Walsh bay, Opera House, Bennelong Point, Botanical Gardens, Hyde Park, and Black Wattle Bay. You can stop and take in the sights at each of these spots. Snap some photos, etc. 
Feeling super cool on my e-bike!

Extra volume for the hair when on the ferry. 😉

Taronga Zoo:

I’m not a huge zoo person. I’ve seen animals in their natural habitat on other trips, however, this was supposed to be a world renowned zoo, and I had to go and see what all the fuss was about! It was in fact, quite fun. The highlight was of course the kangaroo that just hops around you everywhere. How adorable! Anddd the sleeping Koala bears. I could just cuddle them forever. 
I was however, obsessed with the stunning Zebras and Giraffes. They really took my breath away! How gorgeous though!?
LOVE!! –Selfie with the Zebras? Why not.

Juices & Coffee:

This may seem silly to tell you to do this, but I feel like I need to! Grab a juice wherever you see a place selling fresh juices. They are SO amazing and so fresh! I had a ton when I was there, and I just felt like I was doing something good for my body while pigging out on everything else. Balance is key. 😉
I would have a Cafe Mocha pretty much every morning and afternoon. I don’t know why, but coffee just tastes better there! Mmmmm.
Well guys, that is the wrap up!! I hope you all enjoyed. Lastly, I put together a short video combining some of my favourite moments in Sydney. If you were following on Snapchat, you may have already seen some of the footage 😉
ALSO, you know how much I love your feedback, so please comment below if I’m missing some key spots in Sydney that everyone MUST know of! 
Xx, Kim


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  1. September 28, 2018 / 2:52 am

    We loved Bronte Beach! Snorkeling in the rock pool was amazing, though we saw a blue bottle jellyfish as soon as we got out which freaked us all out!

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