InstaVibes + It’s almost February!

Hi hi!
Yay, for it being Friday! I feel like I’ve had the busiest week, and now I’m just counting down the hours till I can kick back have a glass of white. 
Just recapping some of the blog posts from the last few weeks. I’m in serious depression over this winter though. I know it’s been more on the milder side, but I just can’t handle the cold, and no kind of layering makes it better…
I’ve really been missing the warm weather in Sydney. How I would kill for just ONE more beach day with a tropical drink in my hand. Ughh.
But anyways, you have to make the best of what you have. And that means pretending how BEAUTIFUL our winters can be. YAY SNOW.
….moving along. LOL.
So speaking of winter, did you guys catch my latest blogpost on winter skincare tips? It’s pretty much a little rundown of everything you need to do to keep your skin healthy over the winter season. Facial masks being super key! I list a few that I absolutely love, so check that out. I’m pretty sure the one on my face in the above (scary) photo is the Lush Seaweed Mask. I’m totally obsessed with it. It has little seaweed bits in it, which is amazing. I don’t eat seaweed (I know right!), but I will put that shit all over my face!
You guys already know this if you follow me on Snapchat (UN: kim-marquis), I LOVE The Cold Pressery. If you haven’t been, go! It has such a cool rustic vibe, and the food/drinks are so good and so healthy. Get the Avocado Smash Toast on their menu. You WON’T regret it. 
So 2015….was amazing. Lot’s of new changes in my life, good and bad. But overall, great. I really couldn’t be more grateful with everything that’s happened for The Chic Confidential! I did a little recap of my year on the blog. Worked with some amazing people and brands. Check it out.
Also, can we pause for a second and talk about how it’s almost February?? We were all JUST celebrating New Year’s Eve! Crrrrazzzy how time flies!
More fun winter-wear on the blog as well. Hoping to bring you guys a lot of cool #OOTDs this year. I get a TON of great feedback from you guys, and so far it’s all been so positive. Everyone really seems to love the outfits, so lot’s more to come! Get the full details for the above outfit, here
I can’t seem to get away from fringe. It’s one of those staple things in my closet. I actually have a ton of it, and love it. And no matter what people are telling you, it’s still in season! Just don’t go around wearing fringe head-to-toe. ūüėČ 
If you’re planning a trip to Sydney, Australia, then be sure to read my blogpost that recaps my trip highlights! You can also email me if you have any specific questions. I’m happy to help you guys out wherever I can. Sydney is SUCH a great city, I loved every minute of it, and can’t wait to do it again, soon. 
Anddd, last but not least, The Chic Confidential’s Instagram page hit 10K this week. I’m still blown away by all the love and support from all of you guys! It’s been a crazy journey, and I can’t believe I’m still doing it! You can read more about the journey and why I started blogging, here
Okay, time to wrap this day up, and start the weekend. 
Hope you all have a fantastic weekend with lots of laughs, hugs, and sunshine, because what is really better than those three things?! 
Xx, kim


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