If you are anything like me, ‘Stop and smell the roses‘ is probably one of the most annoying phrases one can say to me. That gets said to me by EVERYONE….
And I hate to admit it, but they may, and I say may, be right. (I can already picture my mother’s ‘I-tell-her-this-all-the-time’ facial expression right now…)
I’m the type of person that rarely ever just sits down and relaxes. My life is always go-go-go, and to be quite honest, I like it that way. I’m a busy gal, and there aint nothing wrong with that! I work a full-time job that I absolutely love, and when I come home, I get right to cooking, cleaning, blogging, outfitting (yes, that’s a thing), and getting prepped for another day at work. 
However, to continue being productive in life, we do actually need to take breaks, and chill the F out. You know what I’m saying? So today’s post is on exactly how to do that. Now, everyone is different, so I do want to know how you guys chill out. What relaxes you? 
These are some of the things that I do to get myself to relax. Yes, it’s actually very difficult for me to just sit back and do nothing. But, it IS needed ya’ll! 


Reading is one of the best things you can do to relax and calm your mind. Whether you are reading a novel, newspaper, or a magazine, I find that reading absolutely anything relaxes me. I’m a total book person as opposed to an e-book. I know those are super popular now, but I still prefer reading an actual book. I mean, I’m starring at a screen 24/7, I like to give myself a break from the screen when it comes to reading.
Ps. One of my favourite books: Before I Go To Sleep by S. J. Watson. I couldn’t put it down!! Also, the movie was horrible….#justsayin.


Let’s talk about meditation for a second. 
Many people think that there’s only one way of doing this. And that is being by yourself, in a dark room with candles, chanting ‘om’ to the sound of ocean music. Ummm no. 
Be cool about it, and make it your own. This is another great way of relaxation. I like to be alone, in my bedroom, with some great music on. Something you can relate to. If you relate to the sounds of the ocean, go for it! Personally, that just depresses me, because I’m not actually near an ocean. Put on whatever kind of music relaxes you. Close your eyes and try to think of nothing. Clear your mind of ALL thoughts…
One of the first times I meditated, in a yoga class, I thought to myself, ‘how difficult can it be to think of nothing?’ Well, trust me, it’s definitely one of the hardest things to do! Especially for me. I end up creating a thousand lists in my head! 
But with time, meditating does get easier, and I find it to be extremely relaxing. 


This mug.
I don’t need to go into much detail about drinking tea. That is kind of a no brainer. Green tea is great. I have also mentioned this in other posts, but I love a cup of just warm water and lemon. It’s so great for your digestive system, and it makes you feel all warm and fuzzy. Perrrfect for right before you head to sleep.


Getting organized is something that comes very naturally to me. I have three planners. Yes, you read that correctly, three. I’m super old school, and I’m always writing things down, making lists, etc. I find it really relaxes me, and gets my mind where it needs to be. Sometimes people are stressed because they just aren’t organized. In my opinion, having things written down in front of me, where I can physically see it, makes me relaxed.


Outfit details here.
Running or walking. Whatever you prefer. Do it alone, or even with a friend (one that doesn’t stress you out though!) There are so many gorgeous and peaceful trails around the city. Find one that suits you, and take a walk and clear your mind.


Okay, what I really mean to say is ‘window’ online shopping! Again, this technique isn’t for everyone, but somehow, browsing though gorgeous outfits online is relaxing to me. Don’t get me wrong. I will pick myself up and go to mall anytime of day. It’s my cardio. But, to relax and scroll through pages and pages of well-put-together outfits is another thing. Relaxing. Inspiring.
Anddd, if you happen to see a really cute pair of Fall boots that are 50% off…..I mean, why not?
Okay, so tell me how YOU guys chill out??

Xx, kim

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