Summer Getaways.

So, every summer I make a list of things I realllly want to accomplish before it starts becoming Fall/Winter again. As beautiful as fall can be, the temperatures are just not up to my standards. We all know how much I like my 30 degree, sweaty, sticky, humid, weather. So, whenever the temperature hits those high 20s-30s, I make sure I slather on the sunscreen, (ALWAYS protecting my skin) and enjoy the weather to its fullest. I don’t want to be anywhere near air conditioning!

One of the things on my somewhat long list of things to do this summer, was to get out and explore the hidden gems that are just outside of Toronto. As gorgeous as the city can be, and I do love just sitting on the patios of some amazing Toronto restaurants with a drink in hand, I also enjoy getting away and getting in some quiet time.

So far I have been to some of the most gorgeous hiking spots and I want to share them with you guys. If you are from Toronto and love nature and hiking as much as I do, you’ll definitely want to hit up these spots before the summer is over. 


I can’t begin to tell you how gorgeous this park is! We visited the Elora Quarry (there are many parks in Elora Gorge). About an hour outside of Toronto, with so many amazing hiking trails, cliffs, picnic spots, etc. I would suggest spending the entire day here as there are so many little things you’ll want to see and do. I was up for just laying on the beach! 

I couldn’t get over how green everything was! The park is so well maintained, and they have tons of staff guiding you around the park, in case you need them. 

Scarborough Bluffs is something everyone should visit at some point this summer!! I couldn’t believe the stunning views that we saw while we were here. The Bluffs are about 45 minutes from Toronto. Aside from the enormous beach that’s here, you MUST check out the cliffs. I do have to say that getting to the cliffs was actually kind of tricky and a bit of a maze. However, with a lot of googling and asking around, we managed to locate an address that I’m going to share with you guys and make your lives THAT much easier! 2 Cecil Crescent, Scarborough. Key this your GPS and it will take you to the top of the Bluffs. This is where you can see the most gorgeous views…ever. 

Located in the city of waterfalls which is Hamilton, Tews/Webster Falls are absolutely breathtaking! Another must-visit spot, located a little over an hour away from Toronto. They have some beautiful hiking trails, bridges, and staircases for days. (You definitely don’t need to hit the gym if you are planning a day here) Make sure to wear super comfy shoes as you can actually get right by the waterfalls by climbing over some major rocks. Such a beautiful sight to take in!

I hope to visit many more spots before the summer is up! I just wanted to share the ones I’ve already been to with you guys. Let me know your thoughts on these if you do go, and DO share some spot that you think I might enjoy!! 

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