My On-Going Love For Chapters.

{Be Happy Be Fabulous Make-Up Bag}
So, you know how everyone goes to Chapters to buy books? I’m one of those people who wander through the unnecessary aisles of the home stuff and get lost in all the 2016 planners. Don’t get me wrong, I do love perusing through the books, especially the 20 pound ones on fashion icons. 
But, it’s just something about the little trinkets they have! The beautiful colours of the scarves, the fancy notebooks, the kitchen items that are so unnecessary, but you just gutta have them! You know what I’m saying?? Tell me you guys feel the same way, and that I’m not the only one…
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Here are a few things I’m currently loving:
What use would I have for this gorgeous feather tray? Oh! I could put my rings in it, except I already own a pretty cute ring holder at home! Do I need yet another one cluttering my bedroom?
Yes. The answer is yes. 

{Throw pillows} My faves here & here

Throw pillows are ALWAYS necessary! They have a huge selection of adorable pillows and throws for cozy nights on the couch with….Netflix. 

{Dream Big Make-Up pouch}  |  {Floral Scarves}  |  {Woolen Hat}
Also, I would never think to get a pretty chic, woolen hat at Chapters! But how cute is the one above??
{Adorable mugs}   ^^ This one here.

Let’s also talk about another problem. I have a huge collection of adorable mugs from Chapters! It’s becoming sort of a hoarding problem….But loooook!! “The World is a Book & Those Who Do Not Travel, Read Only One Page.” That is just SO me, so naturally, I had to get it. 
And below we have this way-too-cute teapot! Who wouldn’t be talking about ‘happy things’ while drinking tea out of this?!

{SO many notebooks!! I can’t choose!}
Is anyone else already planning for 2016? ……….or again, is it just me? As an event planner by profession, I’m just drawn to planning the future. It’s a thing. 
What are you guys loving at Chapters? Show me, tell me, so I can add to my collection! Haha.

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