Jewelry Designer: Fabjeweles.

Designer Alina M. of Fabjeweles has a gorgeous Etsy store that everyone needs to head to right now! (See below for your discount code!!) I snagged these two gorgeous pieces from her store the other day, and I’m so in love with them. The two are very different, but as soon as I saw these, I knew they had my name ALL over them! 
Layered necklace on the left, is perfect for pretty much every outfit! I love the beautiful pastel colours, and the simplicity of them. Everyone knows how much I love to accessorize an outfit. Sometimes I even over do it with all the bling, but you know, that’s just my style! More is more…in my opinion. (But only with jewelry!) 
I can’t get over how stunning this Vintage Necklace is! The details on this necklace are just breathtaking. Totally in love with the colours and the brassy metal. What a perfect combination. This is such a statement piece, and currently one of my favourite necklaces. I’m actually wearing this everywhere! It’s not just for jazzing up an outfit. It can be worn as a casual statement piece as I’m wearing it here, just over this white blouse. 

Vintage Semi Precious Stone Statement Necklace – $40 (15% off code below!)

This Trendy Layered Necklace is a beautiful coral and sky-blue set with a necklace, bracelet, and earrings that perfectly match. I love the colour combination and as mentioned above, the simplicity of it. I would wear this anywhere, but if I were dressing up an all white or all black outfit, this how I would accessorize it. Keeping it simple, but always, chic. 

Trendy Layered Necklace – $40 (15% off code below!)

Ok guys, so FABJEWELES is ah-mazzzing, and is offering my readers 15% off everything in their store!! Head over there right now, and get your hands on some gorgeous stuff! All these are handmade by the amazing Alina M, and are just stunning! Use the code: chic1, and enjoy your FAB JEWELS!!
Also, follow them on Instagram @fabjeweles, and tweet me your purchases!
Here is a little bit on designer, Alina M:
Alina was born and raised outside of the U.S. Her interest in jewelry design began at a young age in her family’s jewelry business. As a child, she would always spend her free time at the business and would try to add special touches to the pieces that were made by her father. She continued going to school and working with her family, she received her Bachelors degree in Fine Arts, where she learned the fundamentals of traditional jewelry making and began developing her own line of jewelry. She continues to make good quality and beautiful pieces that will complete any outfit.
Photography: Victoria Jmourko

Thank you to Fabjeweles for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own.

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