Black, White, & YSL.

Winter is one of those seasons where you only go to the blacks, greys, and sometimes white pieces in your wardrobe. With the weather being so ‘grey,’ the outfit choices become more neutral, and less colourful. In my opinion, I find nothing wrong with that. Many people are always telling me to “add some colour into my wardrobe.” I like the all-black look sometimes. However, if you do want to subtly add some colour into your all-black, all-grey look, here are some very subtle way of doing so. 

The above outfit shows 3 ways of adding some colour. 

1. Accessorize with colour. Choose a handbag that’s not black. Trust me, I do love a good black, leather handbag, but if I’m wearing an all black outfit, I don’t mind throwing in some colour with a handbag. 

2. Lip Colour. Nothing is more beautiful than a lip colour that stands out. I tend to go for a bold, red lip if I’m all in black. It stands out, and is the perfect amount of added colour to my wardrobe. 

3. Nail colour. I almost always go for a dark shade on my nails as well. Dark cherry reds, blacks, or navy blues. Switch up your nail colour and add some pinks, reds, and corals, to brighten up that dark wardrobe. It’s another subtle way of adding colour. 

I hope that was helpful! In a few months it will warm up, and we will most likely want to add colour to our wardrobes! But in the meantime, follow these ‘colourful’ tips. 

Comment, tweet, and instagram me! I’d love to see how you’re adding colour to your outfits!

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