There is nothing I love more than natural products with minimal or no harsh chemicals in them. I’m not saying that I only use 100% natural products, but I would like to introduce more of them into my life. When I came across the Saje Natural Wellness store, which recently opened up at Square One Shopping Centre, I was absolutely in awe by it! Not only was it a gorgeous looking store, but it smelled fantastic! It is the first store to open up in Ontario, and there are many more locations opening up. I got very excited about how lovely the store was, and thought to myself  ‘this has to go on the blog!’ 
The store is full of amazing products for all different types of health issues, from simples headaches to bigger things, like sleep issues. 
The experience visiting the store was so wonderful as the staff really know their product knowledge and are very passionate about the story of Saje:
“Our product line has expanded to include hundreds of different natural wellness products, accessories, and healthy gift ideas. We have a strong commitment to honesty, integrity, and impeccable quality, and for years now we have strictly maintained that all Saje products contain only 100% natural ingredients, for your best health!”

A full wood exterior and interior finish. Gives it that very natural, rustic, look to the store.



Essential oils for very type of health issue. There are tons of different smells to suit any kind of person.




The ‘Aroma Bar,’ where you can open up any of these bottles to sniff the scents. Once you choose the right scent for you, you can pick it out on the shelf.


After sniffing these bottles for 20 minutes, I think I finally figured out what was for me!


These are Nebulizers. They clean the environment in any room, letting in fresh scents of the essential oils you choose. This can calm a room, add good energies to a room, or even make you sleepy, depending on the type of oil you use.


These are 100% natural soy wax candles, that also have essential oils in them.



They have many different products that have the essential oils in them. These are roll-on scents. You can roll a little on your wrists to help calm or heal you throughout the day.



Wherever your travels take you, take me with you” Travel Kit.



The have a ton of natural skin care products. Everything from your face, hands, neck, and body.


They even have this amazing DIY back massager! I couldn’t get enough of this!
Stuck on Christmas gifts?? Saje has got you covered! They have so many wonderful stocking stuffers that are on sale and perfect for anyone! Who wouldn’t want some of this natural goodness?
Check out their Holiday Gift Guide for some amazing gifts!


Special thanks to Michelle Gordon & the entire team at Saje for accommodating this shoot. 
Photography: Ravelle Samaroo
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