Fashion Week: Day 2 Highlights.

Day two, fashion people! The craziness continues. Today, I was able to catch three shows, Bustle, Melissa Nepton, and Target! They were all lovely shows, however I have to say that Target was my favourite! I have been watching Target’s shows every year and they never ever disappoint! They always put on a super creative show, with tons of fun! The models are always bubbly with big huge smiles on their faces, and they even include adorable, little kids in the show. Absolutely loved every bit of it!

Here are some of my snapshots from today! (Remember, no fancy camera!) Starting the night of was Bustle!

You can always count of Bustle to bust out the summer colours! Loved the pops of colours and patterns I was seeing throughout the show. 

Next up was Melissa Nepton, whose show, to be quite honest, was not my favourite. I felt it to be a bit dull. The pieces really didn’t catch my eye. It was a chic meets sporty collection, which was a nice idea, however I just felt as though it was lacking the ‘wow’ factor. 
With my dear friend, Daniel Pillai!
Lastly, Target’s show!
The finale.

My outfit of the night. Full outfits will be up on the blog next week, so be sure to check in. 
Hope you all had a fashionable Day 2 of fashion week! See you all tomorrow. Don’t forget to keep up with me @marquiskim on Twitter!

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