One of the most beautiful things about Lisbon, Portugal was walking around the city and getting to know the beauty and culture that is Lisbon. Taxi’s in Lisbon were very inexpensive, however, walking around the city really taught us much about the culture, which is why we decided to do a walking tour with one of my favourite tour companies, Inside Lisbon.
As mentioned in the blog post about the tour in Barcelona, you must do your research to find out which tour companies are worth investing it. I 100% recommend booking your tour with Inside Lisbon, because of their variety of tours, their extensive knowledge about the city, and all the wonderful little creeks and corners they show you because of the local tour guide they have taking you around.
As the company does feature many kinds of trips, we chose the walking tour. We felt that with walking around the city, we can ask as many questions as we wanted to our tour guide without feeling like we were holding up a group of people. The tour was small and intimate, and just perfect for the two of us.
Our tour guide Rita, was the most energetic, passionate, and wonderful person we came across in Lisbon. Not only did she speak very good english, but she also knew so much about the city, and was able to answer all our questions.
We met Rita at Restauradores Square as a meeting point. She explains a bit about the history of the square and why it is so important to Portugal.


As you are walking with her, she explains all the little details of the city. This point we stopped at Portugal’s most famous Ginjinha shop. The oldest Ginjinha shop in all of Lisbon.
Note: Ginjinha is a famous liqueur in Portugal and a typical drink for people after a long day of work. It has 23% of alcohol and the saying is that ‘six shots of Ginjinha a day keeps the doctor away!’


Our long walking tour led us into these beautiful, cultural alley ways. Rita then explained what all the graffiti was about on these walls and why it is so important to the Portuguese culture.


The walls are basically lined with lyrics of famous Fado songs.
Note: Fado is a music genre that can be traced to the 1820s. It is the soul music of Portugal.


Getting ready for some Ginjinha shots!




Ginjinha has a very strong taste and isn’t for everyone. However if you are in Portugal, you absolutely must try it!


At some point of the walking tour, you get on the famous tram of Lisbon. The tram ride was about 20-25 minutes long and you get to catch a bit of a breather and take in some of the information that has been already told to you.


Lastly, the tour stops at a famous restaurant serving fresh local food. The restaurant was beautifully decorated and served the most delicious food!


At the restaurant, you get a chance to see the Fado dancing and singing that was talked about during the tour. This was such a lovely experience as we got some extensive knowledge about Fado music prior to coming here. This was the perfect ending to a grand tour as it tied in everything so well.
Some facts to know about Inside Lisbon:
  • They have been around for over 10 years.
  • The have tours in English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, and Italian.
  • Besides a walking tour, you can do jeep safari tours, sailing tours, segways, and much more.
  • They can plan your next corporate event as well!
As mentioned earlier, I highly recommend booking your Lisbon tour with Inside Lisbon, as they made the experience for myself, absolutely unforgettable!
A special thanks to Andreia Coelho from Inside Lisbon for the complimentary tour passes. 

Xx, kim


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