As we all wait patiently for Summer, I have put together my three go-to looks for the Summer for 2014. I know we’ve all seen these trends come and go, however this summer, I’m opting for crop tops, printed pants, a bit of neutrals, and lots of colour blocking! 
Check out my looks for this summer and let me know what your thoughts are! What are your go-to trends this summer?

I love the print combinations here. Wear a large and out-there print, and pair it with a solid colour top or bottom. You can even do a printed shoe and a solid colour outfit to really make a “shoe-statement.”


One of my favourite trends for ANY summer is colour-blocking. In my opinion it’s fun and bold and always catches everyones attention. Have fun with it. Go wild! Colour-blocking is always great to wear when attending some major fashion events.


And neutrals. As much as I love colour-blocking, it’s always nice to tone down with neutrals sometimes. Perfect for the office. Remember, just because you are wearing nude tones, doesn’t mean you can’t throw in some colour here and there. Pastels work really well with neutral tones.

Xx, kim
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