But like, who else dreams about owning a Birkin Bag?! Every day. of. my. LIFE.

Over the weekend I attended the Hermès Exhibition: Festival Des Mètiers at the Design Exchange, and I cannot even begin to tell you how inspiring the exhibit was! I was in absolute awe the entire time! The work that each craftsmen puts into a single Hermès piece is incredible! The exhibition was basically based on the creation of Hermès pieces, so craftsmen were flown in from Paris so show us how.

First stop: Leather bags!

This lovely lady was showing us how she creates The Kelly bag.



Each bag has a unique number inside it.


Second stop: Leather gloves!
Here, this man was showing us how he makes the Hermès gloves to perfection! He showed us how he cuts the leather, stretches the leather to our hands for the absolute perfect fit.





Third Stop: Gem Setter & Silk Ties!
This gentleman was handling diamonds like it was no big deal! He had tons of them all around him and was showing us how to make a diamond bracelet. A very tedious and detailed job!




Fourth Stop: Silk Scarves!
I mean, who doesn’t love a silk scarf, let alone an Hermès one!!
I did miss a lot of how this scarf was being made but I can only imagine how many steps it took!





After watching the passionate craftsmen work these Hermès pieces the way they did, I definitely have a new appreciation for them, and for the brand. It was wonderful watching such talent in the room, and people who are truly skilled, and passionate about what they do!
Xx, kim

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